Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aquatic Critters

Phytoplankton: Diatom- Diatoms are a type of algae. They are unicellular and are producers in the food chain. Diatoms have an interesting characteristic, they're cell wall is made of silica.

Zooplankton: Jellyfish-Jellyfish are free floating organisms that use tentacles to propel themselves through the water. Jellyfish can be found in bodies of water all around the world.

Aquatic Macrophyte: Water lily-Water lilies live in fresh water in different temperate and tropical climates around the world. Water lilies are rooted in soil and with leaves floating in the water.

Fish:Rainbow trout- You can find the rainbow trout in tributaries of the Pacific ocean, Asia, and North America. Rainbow trout is a very popular to fish for and is also very good to eat.

Crustacean:Lobster- Lobsters are invertibrates with an exoskeleton. Lobsters can size range from 25cm-50cm long and walk very slowly on the sea floor. One interesting fact about the lobster is that when it is attacked it swims backwards.

Mammal:Killer Whale- You can find killer whales all over, from Antartica to tropical areas.  Killer whales are known for their hunting techniques and vocal behaviors. They feed just on fish while others feed on other mammals in the ocean.