Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hitchiti Experiment forest

Wild Ginger 
 Grows in shady areas and has a real strong aroma. The ginger plant grows low to the ground. An interesting fact about the ginger plant is that it is pollinated by ants.

Leaf Litter
Are dead leaves, twigs, bark, and pine cones..etc fall to the ground and decompose. It provides nutrients for the environment. It also provides a place for fungus to grow and a place for small animals to live.

Southern Pine Beetle
The southern pine beetle can be found in Southern United states, Mexico and Central America. The southern pine beetle attacks all different types of pines. First evidence that the southern pine beetle has taken over a tree is when the needles become a yellowish color then in a few months they turn brown. The southern pine beetle is the most destructive insect in southern forests.
The area that is circled is where the southern pine beetle has  been present.

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